It is a time of civil war….

Every day, the growing Rebellion threatens the Galactic Empire, and its influence on core systems throughout the galaxy. On the fringes of civilized space life attempts to continue as normal. Underground organizations, like The Hutts and Black Suns, fight for control of shadowports and black markets. Thus, using the Galactic conflict to take advantage of Outer Rim populations. Between Imperial harassment and the extortionist methods of gangsters, people are left no option but to bend their own moral code for survival.

The Hidden Black Sun

Black Sun is a secret interstellar crime syndicate, operating at every level of galactic society. Powerful crime lords called Vigos protect Black Sun’s underworld supremacy while simultaneously vying for more power and territory within the organization. Each Vigo organizes, coordinates, and controls massive illegal operations in his own region. Secrecy is paramount to Black Sun’s operations. Smaller criminal groups often unknowingly work for the crime syndicate. Black Sun is sometimes an ally of the Imperial government, but often times, “plays” both sides to gain the advantage. Smugglers and black marketeers are often duped into carrying out Black Sun deliveries and operations. The reach of the Black Sun spans from Coruscant to the backwater planets and isolated worlds of the outer rim.

The Almighty Hutts

The Hutts are an immense crime family that have had great influence across the galaxy, even before the dissolution of the Republic. Technically falling under control of the Empire, the Hutts, through monentary means and corruption have been given independence . Many, like the legendary Jabba and Teemo the Hutt, are criminal overlords, with the type of power and underworld connections that make them difficult for the Empire to counter effectively or eliminate completely. The Hutts’ efforts—criminal or otherwise—heavily influence the economies, governments and illegal activities in large areas of the outer rim. Lately, The Hutts have turned their attention to human trafficking, especially in force sensitive individuals.

The Purge

After destruction of the Imperial Death Star, the Emperor seeks to destroy any remaining Jedi, and ultimately anyone with force sensitivity. He believes the true threat to his galactic reign lies within in these individuals, not Rebellion firepower. Darth Vader has led this campaign; using his own force sensitivity to root out the very last of a dying breed. The mass genocide has created a lucrative black market in the trade and capture of force sensitive people. Thus, pushing individuals further to the outskirts of systems to avoid Imperial contact and masking their own force power. The Rebellion and its allies look to provide sanctuary, understanding that victory might be locked within one these individuals. Once again, they must enter the Shadows…

Shadow of the Jedi

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