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Physiology and Society
Mysterious insectoid species. Originates from the homeworld of Gand. Renowned “Findsman” and Bounty Hunters. All are covered in a dense chitinous exoskeleton and reach a height at adulthood of about 1.6 meters. Gands are an ammonia breathing, separated into two species, one lungless. The main species of Gand produce ammonia through digestion, allowing them to breathe. This process creates a methane musk from their carpace which other species find irritating. The lungless variety uses a special breathing apparatus, often associated with the renowned bounty hunter Zuckuss. Often times Gands, even the non-lungless variety, will use the breathing technology to maintain anonymity, and imitate the great Zuckuss. It is common for Gands to refer to themselves as simply Gand. This naming convention is normal until a Gand achieves something worthy of receiving a true identity.
Droids fare much better than well-trained Humanoid linguists in reproducing the clicks and chirrups of their spoken language. They must use droids or translation devices to converse in groups that do not understand their language.


Physiology and Society
Twi’leks are among the most prominent non-human species in the galaxy. They are expert bargainers, sly at reading other species and using cunning to get what they want. Originating from the planet Ryloth, located in the outer rim. Twi’leks possess two prehensile tentacles, their tchun-tchin, or lekku, that project from the back of their heads. These “head-tails” serve as a second tongue by they can communicate through signs and gestures. Their flesh color indicates which clan and region they hail from. Society is organized into different clans which adhere to bloodlines when deciding on leadership. Even though lower caste Twi’leks are sold into slavery (especially females) as dancers and entertainers. Twi’lek leadership is known to “detest slavery”, however will engage in the practice depending on the circumstances. This has led to many conflicts between clans, as one clan accuses the other of slave trade.

Ryl is the native tongue of Ryloth, yet there are few Twi’leks who cannot speak Basic fluently. What separates Twi’leks from other species is their second, nonverbal language called Lekku. They use their “head-tails” to add texture and emphasis to their speech by moving them around.


Physiology and Society
Bothans are the galaxy’s information brokers. Adept at picking up on secrets or seeing things other species ignore, Bothans can be valuable assets in any endevor—or untrustworthy partners. Bothans hail from Bothawui, a temperate world in the mid rim. Their noses at the end of their tapered snouts can distinguish many smells, and their eyes extended range of focus. They posses ears double the size of most species, which can rotate and bend to pick up directional sounds. Standing on average 1.6 meters, Bothans often go unnoticed and are able to slip through the cracks. Bothans greatest asset is their fur. They can communicate with other Bothans by rippling their fur, demonstrating changes in mood and conveying more specific intimations in a code.

Bothese is the native tongue of the Bothans and Botha is its written form. Almost all Bothans are fully fluent in Basic. The use of their fur as a communication instruments allows them to convey private information without exposing its nature to other observers. This makes the Bothan a lethal and effective spy.


Physical Description and Society
A typical fringer may ridicule his droid to no end, yet without it, he is usually lost. Smugglers have long traded rumors of “droid worlds”, where automatons and cyborgs govern a society of their own. However, these are just rumors…..
Droids serve a variety of roles, including security, conflict resolution, surgery/medicine, mechanical repair, astrogation, and piloting. While many of these droids have only rudimentary intelligence, some are capable of independent thought. Droids are assembled in many different body types, from chassis that follow bipedal/tripedal standards, to those of various animals, to completely utilitarian boxes or cyclinders.

Models Include:
2-1 B Surgical Droid

3P0 Protocol Droid

IG Assassin Droid

LE-V0 Law Enforcement Droid

LOM Protocol Droid

R-Series Astromech Droid

The language used depends on what business they are conducting and whom they are working with, thus they makes excellent translators and fill various roles.

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